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Trillium Antiquarian Books

Some common memento is better,
Something he prized and is known by;
His old clothes-- a few books perhaps.

William Carlos Williams, Tract

Welcome to the home of Trillium Antiquarian Books where you can search or browse our collections of antiquarian books on Country Life and Natural History -- scarce books, from A to Z, on angling, animals, apiculture, bees, birds, botany, Darwin, farming, fish, flora, fruit growing, gardens, geography, grapes, herbals, horticulture, landscapes, mammals, orchards, ornithology, seeds, vegetables, wildflowers, zoology... and likely several other matters which do not come readily to mind.

Search and browse, too, our antiquarian Canadiana and Literature collections. In our Canadiana collection you will find the early works of Moodie, Traill, Davies, Bouchette, and others from Upper and Lower Canada. Our antiquarian Literature collection makes room among its novels, sermons, and poetry for some rare works by Mark Twain and Stephen Crane.

Sometimes all that's left of an old book is the pictures. You will find antiquarian prints and maps, together with entire illustrated books, in Trillium's collection of Images from antiquarian sources.

If you spend any time hunting up books, you are bound to come upon an occasional book so odd or idiosyncratic as to be irresistible. Proof of the proposition is to be found in the Trillium collection of intriguing Curiosities. Since their comings and goings are unpredictable, it's usually worth stopping in for a short browse.

Trillium Antiquarian Books has been selling scarce, out-of-print books on the Internet since 1998 and, earlier, by traditional mail order. Look for us at book fairs in Ontario and the American northeast, where we have exhibited during the past ten years or so. We are always buying selected antiquarian books in our areas of interest, whether single volumes or complete collections.

Trillium Antiquarian Books is owned by William Van Nest, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Trillium Grandiflorum, from which we take our name, is the provincial flower of Ontario and appears in snowy white drifts among the hardwoods each Spring. One of several trilliums resident in the back garden furnished the images on this page.


Our Bee Book Collection

This week two classics among bee books are featured. The bee collection includes editions of Huber, runs of beekeeping periodicals, and some ephemera. Classic Greek and Roman themes being so familiar, it must have seemed perfectly natural to Warder, and after him Thorley, to cast the discussion in the language of Amazonia. It probably didn't hurt Warder's chances for royal preferment when he sought Queen Anne's endorsement for his second edition which you find here in this edition, too. This edition, the eighth, was still the most important book on bees in English until a few years later it gave way to Thorley's Female Monarchy. Bazin's Natural History appeared for the first time in English at about the same time. For details, including a few pictures, of the featured titles just enter the author or title in the search box. 'Bee' or 'bees' will take you to the many other titles in the collection.

 Early Classics- Apiculture

 Joseph Warder, Bewigged

1766  Warder, Joseph. The True Amazons: Or, the Monarchy of Bees. Being a new Discovery and Improvement of those Wonderful Creatures. London: T. Longman and T. Astley, 1749. Eighth edition (pp. 163, adverts). Duodecimo (17.5 cm), full leather with gilt decorations and titles; frontispiece portrait of Warder. With the bookplate of Sir Edward Littleton, Bart., likely the fourth baronet (1727?- 1812), an important Staffordshire landowner. “Warder [1654/5 - 1724] made a study of the habits of bees and their external anatomy using a light microscope, and embodied the results of many years of observation in his only book, The True Amazons, or, The Monarchy of Bees [It was the standard work on bees for many years until it was superseded by Thorley’s Female Monarchy (Carlyle)] ....  $650

1772  [Bazin, Gilles Augustin]. The Natural History of Bees. An Account of their Production, their Oeconomy, the manner of their making Wax and Honey, and the best Methods for the Improvement and Preservation of them. London: J. and P. Knapton, P. Vailant, 1744. First edition, translated from the French (pp. 452, index). Octavo (20.5 cm) in full leather, remnant of gilt decoration, hand-lettered title in compartment on spine; twelve fine folding copperplate engravings, as issued.... $750

  The Beekeepers of Aj Tikonel Kab'!

Another Side of Beekeeping

A co-operative beekeeping project in the Guatemala highlands, the apiary's honey sales supplement the incomes of its members, traditional small-scale coffee farmers whose crops have been cut in half by the Roya fungus which has damaged coffee trees in the region. Beekeeping is a natural compliment to coffee growing in the Central American highlands. Just about now, during the dry season, flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees throughout the highlands are everywhere in profusion, and the beekeepers of Aj Tikonel Kab'! pictured here are hard at work preparing for their second harvest. This year ten new members have joined the co-operative, half of whom are women. And, yes, the beekeepers of Aj Tikonel Kab'! won't say no to any help you might offer. You can find out more about the co-operative at http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/beekeeping-helps-support-guatemalan-families/.


(Image courtesy of Sara Glatz) 





































Remarks & Notices

Steam Locomotives and Traction Engines, Railways and Railroads: Hugh Dibben's Collection of Works on Steam

    As promised, the full catalogue of Hugh Dibbin's international collection of books, periodicals, and photographs on steam power, particularly locomotives and railways, is ready for inspection. You can go directly to the catalogue just by clicking on 'Dibben Steam Engine Collection' in the left hand column. You will find books on steam locomotives and rail lines from North America, Great Britain, France, Germany, South Africa, and Pakistan... and probably a few other places.

There are a thousand photographs of locomotives in the collection, most acquired from commercial sources. Books on engineering and design, rail history, and the memoirs of railwaymen. And not just locomotives, but also books on traction engines and several good runs of periodicals on steam locomotives. 

For his entire life Hugh Dibben was an aficionado of all things steam.  As a child he loved watching his father sketch trains and traction engines with charcoal on their white enamel kitchen table.  He shovelled coal for a ride on the CNR and, as a young man in Yorkshire, spent his weekends train watching. He was knowledgeable of the workings of locomotives and waited patiently for years, in some cases, to find the second edition of Chapelon or one of Ralph P. Johnson’s books, some of which are included in the collection. He came from a long line of steam lovers, including two uncles who built large replica traction engines which were featured in the London papers. His most precious possession was his collection of books about steam.

At your convenience please have a look through the catalogues of Hugh's collection of works on steam power.  Just over there in the column to your left, looking for a new home with another lover of steam.



Appearing Soon

The well-regarded biography of Lincoln by two of Lincoln's closest associates:

John G. Nicolay and John Hay. Abraham Lincoln: A History. New York: Century, 1914.

A signed presentation copy, No. 1097, of the National Book Award winning novel:

James Jones. From Here to Eternity. New York: Scribner's, 1951.

Catlin's North American Indians with colour plates:

Catlin, George. Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, & Condition of the North American Indians, with Letters and Notes. London: Chatto & Windus, 1876. 


 Here are pictures of some friends...


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