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Stedman, John Gabriel
A Narrative of a Five Years’ Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America; from the years 1772 to 1777

A Narrative of a Five Years’ Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America; from the years 1772 to 1777

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A Narrative of a Five Years’ Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America; from the years 1772 to 1777 elucidating the History of that Country and describing its Productions, Viz. Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Trees, Shrubs., Fruits & Roots with an account of the Indians of Guiana & the Negroes of Guinea. London: J. Johnson and J. Edwards, 1796. First edition, in two volumes (frontis, xviii, 407, index; iv, 404). Large quarto (27 cm) in full polished calf, five raised bands, gilt titles to spine, emblem in gilt of Society of Writers to the Signet (and from that library) on front covers. Illustrated with fine copperplate engravings by William Blake, Bartolozzi, Benedetti, Perry, Barlow, Conder, Smith, and Holloway (Quite a few plates, especially the half-page plates, are unattributed. In some instances, the engraver’s name can best be made out with a magnifying glass) and three maps. Seventy-seven of the original eighty pages of plates are present showing individuals, encampments, views of settlements, monkeys, jaguar, small animals, birds, butterflies, fish; many botanical plates including, e.g., coffee plant, indigo, palms, various tropical fruits. Absent plate 80 (‘Europe supported by Africa and America’) and two others (at Volume I, pages 282 and 338); map of Guiana appears to have lost about half at a fold; three lines of text missing at bottom of Volume I, pages 166- 167. Title pages heavily spotted with only light intermittent spotting elsewhere, but the plates and text are generally clean. Later nineteenth century leather binding skilfully re-backed and furnished with new endpapers. John Gabriel Stedman (1744- 1797) was a professional soldier who served during the suppression of the slave revolt led by the Maroons against Dutch authority in Surinam and Guiana. His account, which depicted the cruelty and rapacity of the planters and described the animals and flora of this exotic region of South America, was well-received and went through several editions. It became a source and reference point for the early supporters of abolition in Great Britain, not the least of whom was Stedman’s friend, William Blake, many of whose engravings appear in this book published by the radical Johnson and Edwards publishers. List of Plates and Maps. Volume I: Frontis ; partial map of Guiana; Flying Fish, Dorado (p. 10); View, Sawfish (p. 12*); Female Slave (Bartolozzi, p. 15); Fruits (p. 22); folding map of Surinam (p. 30); A Coromantyn (Blake, p. 80); Joanna (Hollaway, p. 88); Tamarind Sprig (p. 91); View of Estate, Plantation Barge (p. 93); A Negro Hung Alive (Blake, p. 110); Toucan (p. 118); a Private (Blake, p. 132); Views (Conder, p. 134); Iguana, Alligator (p. 144); Sloths (Barlow, p. 153); View of Port, Armed Barges (p. 157); Monkeys (Blake, p. 166); Order of March (Conder, p. 186); Macaws (p. 198); Group of Negro Slaves (Blake, p. 200); Cotton Tree, p. 214); Armadillo, Porcupine (p. 224); Skulls (p. 231); Trees (p. 236); Birds (Barlow, p. 262); Military Post, Encampment (p. 270); Azure Blue Butterfly (p. 278); tab (plate removed? p. 282); folding view (damaged, p. 286); Town Plan (Conder, p. 288); Female Quadroon (Perry, p. 296); Deer (p. 308); Sugar Cane (p.314); Flagellation (Blake, p. 326); tab (plate removed? p. 338); Birds (p. 340); Boar, Pecary (p. 356); Plantain, Banana (p. 372); Indian Family (Benedetti, p. 380); Arms, Ornaments (p. 406). Volume II: Two Views (p. 4); Monkeys (Blake, p. 10); Sprig of Arnotta Tree (p. 20); Butterfly, Palm Tree Worm (p. 22); Parrots (p. 32); Wood Rat, Grisson (p. 42); Fish (p. 46); Jaguar, Tiger Cat (p. 50); Planter (Blake, p. 56); Palm Trees (p. 68); Views of Settlements (p. 71); Various Fruits (Blake, p. 74); A Rebel (Bartolozzi, p. 88); Skin Colour, Manner of Fighting (p. 98); March through a Swamp (p. 104); folding Field of Action, Encampment (Conder, p. 126); Possum, Rat (Smith, p. 142); Small Animals (p. 152); Tapir, Sea Cow (Barlow, p. 176); Camp Views (Barlow, p. 182); Indian Female (Benedetti, p. 190); Butterfly, Rattlesnake (Barlow, p. 196); Sprig of Cacao (p. 208); Melons (Smith, p. 214); Hummingbirds (Barlow, p. 220); Fish Traps (p. 228); Birds (p. 234); Family of Female Slaves (Blake, p. 280); Musical Instruments (p. 286); Views (p. 292); Execution (p. 292); Indigo Plant (p. 304); Forest Camp, Cottage (Barlow, p. 324); Coati, Anteater (Barlow, p. 328); Spoonbill, Crane (p. 343); Celebrated Gentleman (Blake, p. 348); Coffee Tree (p. 353); Coffee Plantation (Conder, p. 354); Shark (p. 384); absent Europe Supported by Africa and America (p. 394). A very good copy of the first edition.

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