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The Canadian Horticulturist & Beekeeper.

The Canadian Horticulturist & Beekeeper.

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March, 1920. Volume 28, No. 3. Peterboro: The Horticultural Publishing Co. An early periodical for gardeners, plant growers, and (later) beekeepers. “The Canadian Horticulturist and Beekeeper was a monthly periodical published by the Horticultural Publishing Company in Peterborough, Ontario. First published in c. 1881 under the title The Canadian Horticultur[al]ist, the magazine was the official publication of the Canadian Horticultural Society. In 1913, the title was changed to The Canadian Horticultur[al]ist and Beekeeper when the magazine became integrated with The Canadian Bee Journal, the official publication of the Ontario Bee Keeper’s Association. In 1914, the Canadian Horticultur[al]ist and Beekeeper became the official publication of the New Brunswick Bee Keepers’ Association, and, in later years, included three different insertions— the Floral Edition, the Fruit Edition and the Beekeeping Edition. The magazine contained articles and illustrations pertinent to horticulture and beekeeping, and advertisements for nurseries, suppliers, greenhouses, farm machinery and tools” (Archives News, Trent University, June 2008). A good, clean copy.

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